Comprehensive List of Accredited Management Trainings:
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Health and Safety Management (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management.. (OHSAS 18001)
  • Food Safety Management (HACCP)
  • Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management ( PMP and Prince2)
  • Change Management ,Human Resource Management and various other Behavioural Trainings


PROFUSE provides a vast range of training services to facilitate its clients in competency build up. Having its experienced trainers from various fields of industrial activities, it has offered following trainings to the industries and business houses.


An internationally recognized training courses in the field of Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Food Safety (HACCP & ISO 22000) are organized and conducted in a very conducive ambience for learning. The trainings are delivered through lecture, workshops, group discussions, practical auditing exercises and assessed by a written examination. Certificates are given to the participants on attendance for all the 5 days.


These trainings of 1-2 days duration are conducted by us as open house and in-house programs for the individuals as well as sponsored batch of persons. Certificates are provided to the participants who add to their qualification. AWARENESS TRAININGS: Conducted by us IN-HOUSE in the companies for their staff and workers generally for 4-6 hours. ISO DOCUMENTATION: Core team members are trained by us on the ISO documentation- design and development, implementation and reviews. These are in-house trainings for 1-2 days. 

Training of MR/TMA/FSTL:

The key person (s) for the ISO Management systems in the companies is trained by us through well designed modules for the standards. This is specialized training is open house and in-house for 2 days.


We are specialized in conducting Integrated Management System (IMS) trainings for the companies as per their requirements. We also organize other customized trainings such as 5-S, 6-Sigma, Construction safety, Chemical Safety, Electrical safety, Work at Height, Safety in Confined space, Storage & Handling of hazardous substances, Behavior Based Safety, Fire safety, Safety in Oil & Gas installations, HAZID, HAZOP,GMP, GHP, HACCP, Work Place safety, Safety Communication etc.
Trainings on various aspects of EnMS (ISO 50001), TS 16949, ISO 27001, ISO 15000, ISO 31001, ISO 28001, ISO 17025, ISO 29001, ISO 15189 can be customized and conducted by us in the company.   

Through our Partner Company Trust Tree Services

We have Panelist carrying over 40 years of experience encompassing culture sensitization and management development workshops and consist of Lead Trainer (Change Management CMT068) and Consultant & Accredited Trainers (PRINCE2 P2R/588), and an accredited MSP Practitioner (MSPR/IN000134) by APM Group UK and Trainer (Soft Skills).
The Panelist have Conducted several Management Techniques and Personal Management Program courses in Middle East particularly in Oman (Muscat & Salalah) and Qatar (Doha) having given near 100% pass rate in practitioner examination and have conducted Change Management training through webex to individuals in Europe.
Trust Tree panel have trained over 2000 individuals for Foundation and Practitioner Course of PRINCE2, a few hundred on Change Management with near 100% pass rate in practitioner examination